Optimist Lamp (2013) by Cosima Geyer

A delicate wooden clamping luminaire. Its clamp is made of a special bending wood, delivering the tension needed- without breaking. The design is a reduction, an almost weightless vanishing shape, shifting the focus on its purpose: a soft and bright light.

Optimist won the “best of” Design Plus Award for young professionals powered by light+building 2014.

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Haus Fontanella is a compact pine construction by Bernardo Bader situated between the Glatthorn and Zafernhorn mountains. Built from pine sourced from the grounds, the house is located on the upper part of the property allowing gorgeous views. The house features three storeys, an attic and a geothermal pump to provide sustainable heating solutions.

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Loft in Brooklyn by Alina Preciado by Dan Gitane

This industrial-eclectic loft is the home of designer and artist Alina Preciado and her two cats, situated in a 1800s industrial building in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The 2,000 square foot loft with one bedroom and one bathroom mixes old and new pieces together, with findings that Preciado has picked up from her travels to places like Japan, Spain, India and the Middle East. The designer imports handmade goods for her business, Dan Gitane. “Dar” is Arabic for “home” and “gitane” is French for “gypsy”, which sums up Preciado’s personality. The loft was originally a woodshop, which has divots and scratches on the flooring, which has been preserved for its history.

The loft features an incredible flow with an open and airy floor plan, huge windows and high ceilings that keeps the space well lit. The home also has a hammock which Preciado spends a lot of time on, as well as a trapeze bar, perfect for stretching. The living room was a vintage leather sofa from the 1960s, the leaning ladder was obtained from a warehouse. The living area also has a large wood-burning stove with a double-insulated chimney, which is in keeping with the industrial theme as well as providing plenty of warmth in the winter months. A neat tip that Preiado does with her stove is place citrus peels on top and left the smell permeate through the home.

Photography: Chris A. Dorsey

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Having a few useless and expired PANTONE Guides I decided to use them in not quite usual way. I cut three expired PANTONE [Uncoated only] into squares 15mmx15mm. Each of the seven groups has been treated as tone and I add white and black as the two ends of the tones. From 3036 square I created graphics.


P-11 Chair by Maxim Scherbakov

The main goal was - to create a chair with complex polygonal shapes simple to manufacture without using any fasteners. The chair consists of a white metal frame and plywood triangles that form the seat and the back. The plywood elements are glued together between frame and thus creating a very reliable and simple joint of the two materials.


Matches beautifully redesigned by lighting designer Kaoru Mende for Kenya Hara.  Natural twigs are coated with a combustible substance and given a final role (matches) before their return to the soil.